Welcome from the Head

Welcome to Brimmer and May!

Brimmer is a community of expert faculty, devoted staff, and outstanding students, all dedicated to success. Our robust interdisciplinary curriculum and inspiring learning environment come together to support our students in becoming intuitive, respectful, and compassionate graduates.

Our students thrive in a learning environment that inspires curiosity and empowers students to push the boundaries of their own education. Our multi-dimensional curriculum is built on an understanding of the skills, attitudes, and abilities that are needed and valued in society. These include critical thinking, creative application, and global awareness, among others.

Brimmer’s teachers, across all divisions and disciplines, work closely together and find opportunities to collaborate. Because of this, our students learn to work well in teams and to think creatively and analytically about complex topics, particularly in the STEAM fields of study. We encourage students to speak publicly, demonstrate their knowledge, and use their imaginations to produce innovative work. Of equal importance is our value-centered culture, which helps our students become honest, respectful, responsible, and kind citizens.

Lessons are taught through a global lens. Students learn about other cultures, languages, and people while developing critical skills for our increasingly interconnected global society. In Pre-Kindergarten, our students start studying world languages, and by 12th grade they have traveled abroad through our Winterim program. Our students are from diverse backgrounds—both international and domestic— helping us learn a great deal about different cultures within our own community.

Professional development for our faculty is a significant priority for Brimmer. Each time our teachers return from studying abroad or participating in workshops, they inspire their students and infuse new energy into their classrooms. Our teachers model what it means to be life-long learners.

It is my great honor to lead this unique, diverse, and innovative school community, which knows no bounds. I hope you enjoy perusing our website, which offers a snapshot of what we do. But, to experience the energy, high standards, and dynamic spirit of Brimmer, I urge you to come visit us and see for yourself.
Judy Guild
Head of School
69 Middlesex Road
Chestnut Hill, MA  02467