Middle School

Introduction and Philosophy

The Middle School program is focused on building academic and creative skills as students take on greater independence and initiative. Students in these transitional years are guided in becoming self-motivated and self-disciplined students, equipped with the knowledge and experience they will need to meet the expectations of the Upper School. Each child’s progress is carefully monitored, providing the support students need as they move from the Lower to the Middle School. 

Middle School students regularly give exhibitions that demonstrate what they have learned in their humanities classes, such as the Greek Festival in grade six, the Family History Project in grade seven, and the Ambassadors for Social Change project in grade 8. Integrated science classes give students a strong background in physics, chemistry, biology, and earth science. In addition, the math program advances through pre-algebra and algebra, where all 8th graders complete high school Algebra I. In World Languages, students may choose to study French, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese. The performing and visual arts are a key part of the Middle School experience and encourage creativity while fostering collaboration. Life Skills, which meets weekly in the Middle School, incorporates a character education curriculum with decision-making and problem-solving skills. Outside groups, like MediaGirls and Partners for Sex Education, are also used to promote health, wellness, and positive peer relationships. Interdisciplinary work is also a key aspect of the Middle School, including an exploration of Africa in grade 6, an examination of the importance of water in grade 7, and an in-depth look at poverty in grade 8.

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