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Look for the best in others. Find the best in yourself. Make a strong transition into years of great change, challenge, and opportunity. Brimmer’s Middle School program focuses on building academic skills and creating a positive environment in which students can take on greater independence and initiative. With caring adults to guide them, our middle schoolers grow to be more capable students and more confident people who feel strongly connected to our community.

Upcoming Events

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  • Feb

    Varsity Athletes Dinner & Awards

    Chase - Corkin Dining Commons - 101
    Contact: Jeff Gates
  • Mar

    JV & Middle School Winter Sports Award Assembly

    Chase - Ruth Corkin Theatre - 103
  • Mar

    Gr. 7 departs for Washington, D.C.

Carl Rapisarda Vallely, Head of Middle School

By supporting our Middle School students in building academic and creative skills and taking on greater independence and initiative in their learning, we are developing thinkers, doers, writers, readers, and innovators who are ethically minded and prepared to succeed in the Upper School and beyond.

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