12th Grade Thesis Defense

In the late winter and early spring, twelfth graders not in the Global Studies Program research an author’s writing in English electives. Students form their own theses based on individual research and write papers in which they present evidence for their theses from both primary and secondary sources. Students in the Global Studies Program will focus on a topic, complete research, and present theses in their areas of concentration in Global Studies.

After completing their research papers, all twelfth grade students present their semester’s work to four faculty members and two students, each of whom will have read the paper. During a 20-minute presentation period, the panel will assess each student’s thesis defense according to a pre-established rubric. In this time, students explain their theses, support their arguments with the evidence found during the research process, and leave time for questions from the panel. Students are graded in their respective courses for their work on both the written and oral portions of this task.
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