Chris Hardman

Chris's grant was used to purchase a flat bed UV printer for the Maker Space. UV printers utilize special inks that are permanently cured by UV light the instant that they are laid down. These printers have photo quality resolution (up to 1,440 dpi) and can print on almost any material imaginable.

When it prints on fabrics, the image retains much of the softness of the fabric on which it was printed similar to screen printing, but unlike with screen printing there is no mess and the whole process is completed in a matter of minutes. Another advantage of the UV printer is that it can go between designs instantly, so printing 3 individual unique designs onto t-shirts could be completed in a single class period as opposed to close to two weeks of class time, which was how long it took last time we did this using screen printing. The model of printer comes with a flatbed and a rotary cylindrical tool, so water bottles and mugs could be printed as well as apparel, phone cases, pop sockets, and on almost anything else that students want to see their designs on!

Click here to read the results of his Innovation Grant.
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